Halloween Survival Strategies

If you have a sweet tooth, this is no time to think you can handle unlimited candy in your home or office.  Things you can do: – If you’re given sweets by family or friends, save one or two favorites for a meal and re-gift the rest to others. Continue Reading ➞ “Halloween Survival Strategies”

Cruise Ships and Resorts

Going on a cruise or to an all-inclusive resort? The unlimited-quantity-all-you-can-eat-comes-with-the-room-vacation, whether on a cruise ship or at a resort, is an American classic experience but don’t forget “I want to weigh ____ pounds!” Continue Reading ➞ “Cruise Ships and Resorts”

Two Extremes

Do you ever wonder what is the greatest amount of food you can eat and not gain weight? Do you put yourself at risk with all-you-can-eat restaurants, big portions, and frequent eating encounters? Continue Reading ➞ “Two Extremes”

Staying Lean During Lean Times

Just because money is tight, your clothes don’t have to be. Today’s more conservative mood gives you an opportunity to concentrate on simple things that really matter – like the company of others and a healthy, delicious meal. Continue Reading ➞ “Staying Lean During Lean Times”

Do You Eat Too Quickly?

Are you a speed eater? This could be a plus if you’re a contestant at the Nathan’s Fourth of July competitive eating contest in Coney Island. But if you’re trying to reach your weight loss goal, slowing down while eating is worth achieving. Continue Reading ➞ “Do You Eat Too Quickly?”

Travel Eating – Before, During, After

Before When you’re planning a trip, you plan the clothes, airline, hotel, and even some tours you want to take but you probably don’t plan your eating. The problem with most vacations is that people want to sleep late and perhaps leave the rigid schedule at home. Continue Reading ➞ “Travel Eating – Before, During, After”

Conquer Food