Increased Eating Habits

Summer is just around the corner. Every season brings a tidal wave of food. There is Memorial Day Weekend, July 4th, and eating all the way to the Labor Day weekend.

Are you being pulled into a whirlwind of eating opportunities and tasty temptation, once more? Is there another wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or charity function you must attend? Are you in need of losing weight because your son (daughter, friend, or coworker) is getting married or engaged or starting a new job?

It is unrealistic to think that a weight problem that you’ve taken years to create will magically disappear. Usage of food becomes more frequent, and one cookie becomes two or three or four or more. Are you eating more frequently — is it a mid-morning coffee or is it after dinner strolls through the kitchen cabinets? Have portion sizes increased?

If you’re feeling out of control around food, and before two pounds become four, or forty, contact Caryl at


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