Cruise Ships and Resorts

Going on a cruise or to an all-inclusive resort? The unlimited-quantity-all-you-can-eat-comes-with-the-room-vacation, whether on a cruise ship or at a resort, is an American classic experience but don’t forget “I want to weigh ____ pounds!” The everything-included vacation is here to challenge you.

You can assume there will be many more items than you normally serve yourself, and you can assume the portion size and unlimited choices will also be greater than you’d ever purchase or prepare when at home.

You cannot possibly eat it all, it is not the last meal you’ll ever eat, and just because the hotel promotes unlimited everything is no reason to have six desserts and three entrees.

Unlimited portions equal an unlimited body.

Know that a consequence comes with every extra mouthful of food.

If you make good choices you would have sampled a variety of different foods and won’t have gained any weight. You might even lose a few pounds on your trip.

Bon Voyage!


Conquer Food