The Caryl Ehrlich Program

The Caryl Ehrlich Program is NOT a diet.

There are no recipes, no counting of calories or figuring of fat grams. There is no prop or pill, nor is there any deprivation. There is no special food and no liquid concoction to mix.

The Program is a behavioral approach to weight loss. It is about eating real food in the real world. It is about learning behavioral techniques that will enable you to see how you are using food inappropriately, and how to re-pattern. 

The Program will lead you from your old way to a new way of thinking and then cheer you on the finish line as you choose to weigh _____ pounds.

Do you have an eating problem?

To see whether you are consistently overeating, only to feel remorse afterwards, answer yes to the questions that pertain to you. 

  • Do you need food to change your mood?
  • Do you think food makes you happy?
  • Is food is your entertainment?
  • Can you go for hours without eating, but once you start eating, you can’t stop?
  • Do you watch television and run back and forth to the kitchen all evening?
  • Do you eat moderately in public (or in front of friends) only to eat in a frenzy when alone?
  • Do you never eat bread at home, only to finish an entire basket of bread when in a restaurant?
  • Do you eat when you’re angry, anxious, depressed, or bored?
  • Do you stock up on certain foods, such as buying two boxes of cookies or the super-sized soda; you never allow yourself to run out of favorite foods?
  • Do you purchase food in various stores so no one but you knows how often you buy things and how much you’re buying?
  • After you’ve overeaten, do you feel remorse?

Even a few of the above rituals, even practiced once a week is 52 times by the end of the year.  That can add up to 10, 20, 30 pounds (or more) by year’s end. Solutions are in the books. 

Will The Caryl Ehrlich Program Work For You?

Here are some ways you can gauge whether or not you may benefit from The Program:

  • Can you go for a long time without eating but once you start you cannot stop?
  • Are you a secret eater?
  • Do you consider yourself out of control around certain foods?
  • Have you tried to change your habits, without success?
  • Are you frustrated and angry about your weight, but nothing changes?
  • Do you eat when you’re angry? Anxious? Depressed? Happy and Sad?
  • Do you stock up on certain foods, such as buying two boxes of cookies or the supersize of soda for a few pennies more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be in the habit of eating even when not hungry. This behavior is addictive.

Ready to begin?

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