Do You Eat Too Quickly?

Are you a speed eater? This could be a plus if you’re a contestant at the Nathan’s Fourth of July competitive eating contest in Coney Island. But if you’re trying to reach your weight loss goal, slowing down while eating is worth achieving.

Take this quiz:
– Do you cut nickel-sized bites of food?
– Is each bite chewed before swallowing?
– Is mouth empty before inserting more food?
– Are utensils put down between bites?
– Are you mindful when eating?
– Do you sip water between bites of food?

If you answered no to most of these questions, you’re most likely eating more than you need. By slowing down while eating, you’ll feel signals of satiation long before you’ve finished everything on your plate.

Be consistent with your efforts and you’ll reach your weight loss goal.


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