Plan Your Travel Meals

Whether you’re going to the south of France, South America or South Dakota, traveling almost always means extra eating – which may mean extra pounds.

There are two reasons for this. One is that – whether traveling for business for pleasure – you’re susceptible to an almost overwhelming array of scrumptious choices, out-of-the-way three-star restaurants, local festivals, and roadside eateries. Overladen buffets and exotic snacks further sabotage your best weight-maintaining efforts.

The second travel trap is more subtle, and therefore more dangerous. On many vacation plans, you pay for food whether or not you eat it. And business trips are famous for the “expense account” syndrome – exuberant repasts where the company picks up the tab. Both bring on the “it’s-paid-for-so-I-might-as-well-eat-it” syndrome which, in turn, brings on extra pounds.

What’s the solution to the traveler’s eating dilemma? Anticipating and planning your trip. With just a bit of thinking ahead, you can sample the local fare, meet your quota of business meals, dine with friends at the bistro and still maintain your weight – even lose weight.


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