Staying Lean During Lean Times

Just because money is tight, your clothes don’t have to be. Today’s more conservative mood gives you an opportunity to concentrate on simple things that really matter – like the company of others and a healthy, delicious meal. Fill up on the ambience, not the food.

  • Share a meal. Consider ordering one appetizer and one entrée to share. You may think it’s not going to be enough, but you will realize afterwards it was just fine.
  • Brown-Bag it. Save money while controlling portion size by planning ahead.
  • Buy the lunch special. Feel free to order it but take home some of it to make it into another meal (or two).
  • Have soup. If you see soup on the menu order it. It’s cheap, delicious and filling.
  • Take a walk and save money. If you have time to walk then walk.
  • Consider taking the stairs. Go up one flight or down two.
  • Reward yourself. Put the money you saved into a jar and spend it on something that will last.
  • Be creative. Meet at a museum rather than a restaurant.


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