Caryl in the Media

Caryl has written two books on the subject of changing habits around eating, as well as many articles on the topic of behavior modification. She has appeared many times on radio and television to discuss this topic and has conducted workshops at corporations, bookstores, department stores, libraries, synagogues and churches.

Corporate speaking engagements have include Bloomberg Radio, Lord & Taylor Department Store, Orion Pictures, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Doral Hotels, among many others.

Radio and television speaking engagements include Today in NY, the Ann Tripp Show, the Alan Colmes Show, and others. Caryl also had her own successful radio show, Changing Habits with Caryl Ehrlich, on WMCA Radio in New York City, as well as a 30-minute cable show with the same name.

Caryl on the Air

Listen to audio from several episodes of Caryl’s Cable show “Changing Habits with Caryl Ehrlich.”

Changing Habits with Caryl Ehrlich – Episode 1
Changing Habits with Caryl Ehrlich – Episode 2
Changing Habits with Caryl Ehrlich – Episode 3
Changing Habits with Caryl Ehrlich – Episode 4

Caryl in the Press

Over the years, various publications have interviewed Caryl on the subject of food addiction. They include The New York Times, Vogue MagazineShape Magazine, Family Weekly Magazine, Travel Weekly, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times, among others.

Caryl’s Books

Conquer Food