Travel Eating – Before, During, After

When you’re planning a trip, you plan the clothes, airline, hotel, and even some tours you want to take but you probably don’t plan your eating. The problem with most vacations is that people want to sleep late and perhaps leave the rigid schedule at home. If that translates into leaving all good habits back at home, rethink your thinking. You want to weigh ____(goal) pounds 365 days a year, not just when it’s convenient. Carry some food supplies in case your plane doesn’t take off on time and you’re stuck with the fatty choices at the airport. Plastic bags with portions of miniature shredded wheat might be helpful.
If you make every food foray away from your home into an exception to the rule, you’ll end up with more exceptions and no rules. Whatever you’re doing to lose and/or maintain your weight while at home, you want to do while on vacation. If you eat slowly at home (putting utensils down between bites and making sure your mouth is empty before inserting more food), do the same thing when away. Plan ahead the content of food so when the bread or salad or starch arrives, you can wave it away and concentrate on your entrée, drink, or dessert.
Acknowledge that what you ate was enough. Think about how your plan was achieved. And most of all, recognize that your clothes are looser and you feel good about yourself. More food is not better, nor is overeating to the point of discomfort. You’ll only feel remorse. Eat the right amount. Push your plate an inch or two to end a meal. And realize that planning ahead feels great.


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