RJ, Milwaukee, WI

Thank you so much for giving me the tools in thought and action to maintain a comfortable weight! I am still at my goal and have made it through the holidays…wahoooooooooooo!!! Continue Reading ➞ “RJ, Milwaukee, WI”

BD, New York City, NY

The Caryl Ehrlich Program is something you can live by and do the rest of your life and be totally happy. Her famous ‘Skipping and Scattering’ of types of food throughout the day and week works. Continue Reading ➞ “BD, New York City, NY”

EA, New York City, NY

I am a totally happy alumnus of The Caryl Ehrlich Program. The uniqueness of the plan — and the reason it succeeds over the years — is that it is not a diet; rather it is behavioral modification program that offers simple rules of “how” to eat, not so much what to eat.  Continue Reading ➞ “EA, New …

TD, Dallas, TX

The Program has made me enjoy food and its flavors and a variety of combinations even more.TD, Dallas, TX

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