Susan Friedmann, CSP

Instead of giving in to self-sabotaging binging and overeating behavior, this powerful, dynamic, and innovative book offers you action-oriented solutions to help overcome emotional eating and finally get control of food obsessions so you can live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Continue Reading ➞ “Susan Friedmann, CSP”

AE, New York City, NY

Caryl, as they scream at a European soccer match, I’ve just reached my weight loss goaaaaaalllll!!!!!!!AE, New York City, NY

JS, Boynton Beach, FL

I was introduced to Caryl Ehrlich and The Program and I freed myself from the shackles of dieting and changed my behavior and relationship with food!JS, Boynton Beach, FL

WK, Albuquerque, NM

It was almost easy — twenty-five pounds lost in three months and I felt fabulous and not deprived. The Program changed my whole approach to food, which makes it possible for me to cope with any situation — a buffet, a big dessert table, an opulent cocktail party — and come away satisfied and comfortable. Continue Reading ➞ …

FM, Princeton, NJ

I’m thirty pounds lighter and am enjoying my new life. I relish getting dressed. I can now wear a belt, button down blouses, even my “skinny” jeans. I can’t thank Caryl enough for helping me change my life. Continue Reading ➞ “FM, Princeton, NJ”

LJ, Peekskill, NY

The bottom line : I lost the weight twenty years ago and have kept it off through numerous eating challenges.LJ, Peekskill, NY

BJ, New York City, NY

The Program is the best thing I ever did in my life. It changed me forever. You never think of food in the same way again. The Program is simple. Continue Reading ➞ “BJ, New York City, NY”

EJ, New York City, NY

Caryl’s program is terrific and I thought that I tried everything, and failed — until I met Caryl. Her program is truly unique. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Continue Reading ➞ “EJ, New York City, NY”

EA, Dallas, TX

Caryl opened my eyes to the fact that we eat more out of habit than hunger, and eat much more food than we need to survive. I recommend her program totally. Continue Reading ➞ “EA, Dallas, TX”

HS, New York City, NY

Thanks to Caryl and her Conquer Food Program I’ve been able to keep my weight stable for many years. I save money because I’m able to wear the clothes I bought twenty years ago. Continue Reading ➞ “HS, New York City, NY”

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