Lectures & Workshops

Ms. Ehrlich is currently available for speaking engagements, lectures, and workshops

If you belong to a group or organization that has guest speakers, consider having Ms. Ehrlich speak at one of your gatherings about her many years of experience in helping people with their problems of food addiction.

Ms. Ehrlich has written two books on the subject of changing habits around eating, as well as many articles on the topic of behavior modification. She has appeared many times on radio and television to discuss this topic and has conducted workshops at corporations, bookstores, department stores, libraries, synagogues, churches, and on Riker’s Island.

Corporate Accounts speaking engagements include Bloomberg Radio, Lord & Taylor Department Store, Orion Pictures, Accessory Brainstorms, Carol Management – Doral Hotels, among many others.

Radio and Television speaking engagements include Today in NY – WNBC /TV, The Ann Tripp Show, Alan Colmes Show, among others. Caryl had her own show, Changing Habits with Caryl Ehrlich, on WMCA Radio in New York City, as well as a half hour cable show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) with the same name.

If you’re searching for someone to speak at your company, club or organization, please contact Caryl.

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